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Table Tops for Restaurants and Bars| BEseating

Find the perfect Table Top at BESeating

BEseating is the leading supplier of restaurant furniture in 2021.

If you're looking for new restaurant furniture at the best price possible you're definitely at the right place. All our products are designed to satisfy any customer and manufactured in Europe by highly experienced companies in this industry. We have a great collection of amazing tops for restaurant tables for indoor and outdoor use. We have tops manufactured from wood and other high quality material. We'll save you time from the need to search for the perfect wooden table top. Update the look of your dining room at a fraction of the price by only refreshing your table. Our collection of restaurant furniture features tops for tables from solid wood to sturdy metal, we have commercial tops in colors of your choice to pair with a variety of bases and suit all types of décor.

Table Tops

Create a warm ambience in your restaurant or hotel with our beautifully crafted tops. Many of our tops are available in many sizes designed to fit different dining settings. From warm and intimate settings to lively restaurants. Each top is expertly crafted of top quality wood material to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain surface that will last for years. No matter what type of commercial furniture you need, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations with our superior quality, outstanding price, and amazing customer service.

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We provide the best service whether that concerns shipping your items on time or to make last-minute changes to your order such as changing the color on one of your items or adding new products. If you have any issues, let us know and we will address them immediately and get back to you. You can count on us to sort it out, simply create your account, fill out your address and leave the rest to us. We guarantee the best results.

Table tops – the easy way to create your own design

When it comes to interior design, whether it is for our home, office or business, the endless possibilities for furniture and accessories can make the choice overwhelming and quite difficult. Especially if we decide to handle the task without the professional help of an interior designer. When it comes to choosing table tops, we are faces with so many options – various designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. Choosing the perfect combination between table tops and table bases is very important for functionality and style, especially when it comes to commercial use in restaurants or hotels. The team at BEseating is here to help you find the most suitable, modern table tops that are just right for you! 

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Table tops from various materials

Nowadays there are various materials that are used in the process of making table tops. We are going to cover some of the basics, that are preferred by many households and businesses.

Table tops 1
Table tops - materials

Granite table tops are very common because of their many strengths. Table tops made from the material are very durable, they can withstand stains, heat, wear, and tears, and they are offered in many different and unique colors and styles. Granite table tops are very heavy which means that the table base must provide the support needed in order for the overall construction to be safe for use. As a natural material, granite needs regular maintenance in order to keep some of its properties (mostly sealing and resealing in order to avoid staining) and table tops from this material have to be cleaned with suitable products, that do not erode the surface over time. Overall granite table tops are a great idea for the home but not the most suitable material for a restaurant table.

Glass table tops have been used for many years in various occasions – we see coffee tables, dining tables, restaurant tables, desks, and many others. Usually table tops made from solid glass are not that common and many times glass is combined with other material, such as metal, wood or stone. The benefits of glass table tops are – easy to clean and maintain, and matches easily the décor in the room. Usually, glass table tops, combined with some sort of a metal frame around the edges, are very common in the restaurant business, especially in outdoor furniture. But you can always experiment and choose glass table tops for the interior of your home or business.

Table tops 2
Table tops for indoors and outdoors

There are many other, traditional materials, used for creating table tops, but we want to show you a different, very durable and light material – table tops made from high-pressured melamine. If you have never heard about it, we will give you some basic information. Melamine is a nitrogen-based, organic compound that is used to produce strong products, such as dinnerware, laminate, and glues. Depending on the purpose of the product, melamine is used and molded in different ways in order to achieve maximum strength and durability. Melamine table tops are perfect for the home and business and will provide you with numerous advantages. For example, melamine table tops are a perfect balance between low weight and exceptional quality, durability and robustness. Melamine table tops, that you will find at BEseating, have a very elegant cubic design, that is in line with the current hospitality industry trends. Also, melamine table tops can be designed and produced in various shapes, sizes, and thickness which makes them a perfect choice for any professional use in hotels, restaurants, bistros, and catering events. 

Table tops for indoors and outdoors

When it comes to choosing table tops it is very important to determine where will you use them. Do you need table tops only for outdoor seating, that can withstand any weather? Or are you looking for table tops that allow the use outside in good weather but will be covered or brought inside in cases of rain or snowfall? Or you just need interior table tops for your restaurant or café? The purpose of the table tops allows you to make the choice that will perform the best. Table tops designed for outdoor seating are usually made from stronger, more durable materials that can withstand rain, snow, and long hours of sun exposure. Most of the time outdoor furniture is made from some sort of metal and the table tops can be either entirely made out of metal, or they could have a more interesting design, that incorporates glass or tiles. Indoor table tops provide a wider variety of materials, because of the controlled conditions in which they are used. The indoor use allows you to choose table tops made from wood, wooden panels, various types of plastic and other materials, including melamine. So, when considering new table tops for your home or business, do not forget to check whether they are suitable for your specific needs. 

Table tops 3
Table tops from BESeating

Table tops from BEseating

If you are looking for quality table tops with great design, function, and durability – you are in the right place. We at BEseating have more than 25 years of experience in supplying restaurant and hotel seating for indoor and outdoor use and we are confident that we can provide you the perfect table tops for your business. In our extensive collection you will find great variety for table tops, dining chairs, table bases and everything else needed for your restaurant or hotel. We have different collections that include chairs, table tops, booths, and many others that allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for your business. Browse through our collection of table tops and many other components for the indoor and outdoor experience to find the most suitable solution for your needs. Make the best choice by purchasing table tops from BEseating!

Table tops the easy way to create your own design

Table tops from various materials

Table tops for indoors and outdoors

Table tops from BEseating

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