Choosing Outdoor Furniture

13:48 | Thu | 22 April 2021

Choosing outdoor furniture

Choosing patio furniture which brings comfort and style to your outdoor space is a difficult task. The right outdoor furniture can transform your garden and make it as relaxing as your own family room. This can easily be achieved with a great cushioned bench, a spacious dining table couple with some amazing resin finish patio chairs. Great patio seating options can make spaces such as a garden and a backyard look brighter and resemble an improvised outdoor living room. The following guide will help you select the right patio chairs and tables. If you follow our advice, we guarantee your outdoor space will turn into an amazing place for gathering your friends and family.


1. Make a List of Patio Furniture Needs

It is important to plan ahead and decide what role you want your outdoor space to play. Would like to invite your friends and neighbours for a casual BBQ on Sundays, or maybe create a safe and fun environment for your children and their friends to play around, or perhaps you imagine yourself relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine and a good book after a long day at work. Make sure you have a clear idea of what function your space will have and only then you can determine what type of outdoor furniture you need. If perhaps you wish to gather friends for a nightcap we recommend this stylish table which offers great durability and will make you feel like you're out at a fancy bistro.

Outdoor Furniture


2. Comfort is just as important as design

Shopping for outdoor furniture is a challenging process. There are many considerations which must be acknowledged, it is not simply looking at colour palette which will match your décor or buying lounge chairs for your deck or patio simply because they have a great price. You need to make sure the item you select is comfortable. A good idea is to test it out and take a seat to see how it feels. Patio chairs are usually used very often and they need to be comfortable. You wouldn't want your guests and family to spend the whole time turning and adjusting unable to relax. Therefore it is imperative to buy patio furniture which is both inviting and comfortable. We recommend you to look for chairs made of solid high-quality material such as this one - as that absolutely guarantees comfort. The other option is to buy metal and wood furniture as they are always comfortable but ensure they are covered as more often than not they are not weather-resistant.

3. Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Most guides for buying outdoor furniture simply provide you with a few choices of chaise lounges, different fabrics and colours and then direct you to the nearest home depot. However, here at BEseating, we care a lot about our clients. WE want to help you by not only assisting you in choosing the perfect coffee table but also inform you how to maintain it. We can even do better, and let you know which outdoor chairs and tables require the least amount of care, so you won't have the spend hours upon hours cleaning them. Easy-care furniture is common in outdoor furniture, but it certainly depends on the material. Wicker pieces are incredibly weatherproof, just as metal, teak and finally the best and most durable material for patio chairs and tables - aluminium. Buying products made of any of these materials guarantees durability and with the occasional cleaning, you'll be able to enjoy them for years.


4. Do not forget about storage

Whatever furniture you may select for your patios, you'll need to ensure there is a secure inside location to store it in during extreme weather conditions. Whether you actually have a storage unit or simply have extra space in your attic/basement it is important to have a place where your furniture can be stored in order to protect it. Even the most durable patio furniture will last longer if it is not constantly exposed to different weather conditions. There are many stackable chairs which are easy to store and will save you space. Our personal recommendation is this comfortable patio chair.


Patio Furniture

5. Outdoor design colours

When buying patio furniture it is better to choose lively bright colours rather than grey or black. Nowadays, there are amazing wicker and metal chairs which come in an extensive range of colours. Colourful furnishings will only enhance the ambience of your garden whether it is highlighting the freshly cut grass or matching your beautiful flowers. Long-lasting Color seating is worth the investment in the long run as it will serve as an accent in your space and will be less expensive to replace if they suffer any damage.


6. Purchase Quality Furniture

From plastic resin chairs to aluminium tables, furniture for outdoor use looks amazing but you need to make sure you purchase high-quality items - the same goes for metal and wooden furniture. It is, therefore, smart to pay attention to the customer and online reviews, they have to be the first indication of whether the products have the necessary quality. Aluminium and wrought iron furniture are usually of the highest quality so keep in mind before you choose patio furniture.

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