As a leading supplier for restaurants, diners, bars and more we at BESeating care about our client satisfaction. That is why it’s important for us that our customers enjoy the newly purchased restaurant chairs, booths, bar stools and table tops for years to come. Feel free to browse our Care & Maintenance Guide to help you with your questions and concerns. If you need further assistance please call us at (201) 885-1222 or email us to:

  • General Care Tips
  • Wood Furniture
  • Metal and Plastic
  • Upholstery
  • Patio Furniture

General Care Tips 
Do not expose furniture to water, excessive heat or direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause the color shade of wooden parts, fabrics and plastic as well as cane parts to change. Sharp objects like hard seams, rivets on trousers, pet claws, etc. might damage wooden, fabric and cane parts.
All screws and bolts should be retightened after the first sixty days of use. Subsequent regular tightness checks and retightening will result in extended life and the overall durability of the furniture. Increased clearance in the joints may cause excessive strain on furniture parts and result in damage to the furniture.
Clean high-touch surfaces on a more frequent basis than minimal-touch surfaces. Prepare cleaning solutions daily or as needed, and replace with fresh solution frequently. Wet-dust horizontal surfaces daily by moistening a cloth with a small amount of detergent.

Wood Furniture:

Solid wood seats and table tops which are typical for our traditional furniture products require careful maintenance to keep them looking new for years to come. Cleaning wood frequently will keep it in good condition. A soft dry or very slightly moist cloth to clean the furniture is suggested. A table cloth to cut down on wear and tear of the table is also a good idea.
Dust wooden parts with a soft, clean and dry cloth. In the case of more extensive staining use a cleaning detergent designed for furniture with lacquered finishes. Strictly adhere to the label instructions for use of the purchased detergent. 
Changes in texture, minor color deviations and natural growth defects are not faults; these bring out the genuine nature of the wood. Color deviations of wooden parts are caused by the differing ability of the wood to absorb the finishing material.
Applying furniture polish every three months to the clean wood surface is recommended to protect it from water damage and to keep it looking shiny and new.

Metal, Plastic and Glass
Clean metal and plastic parts with water and detergent. Use common glass cleaning agents for glass parts. Dry immediately after cleaning and shine with a soft cloth. In the case of more extensive staining use a cleaning detergent designed for metal, plastic or glass. Strictly adhere to the label instructions for use of the purchased detergent.

Do not use alcohol to clean surfaces. on upholstered chairs. Use barrier protective coverings as appropriate for noncritical surfaces that are likely to become dirty or difficult to clean.
Vinyl needs proper maintenance and regular cleaning even though it is very durable. The best way to clean a vinyl seat or booth is to remove dirt with a soft damp cloth right after a spill. Ideally, you should get to the spill before the dirt hardens.
At each closing shift use; moisten a soft cloth with the soapy water and wipe down the vinyl seats. Finish the process by rinsing the cloth in clean water and going over the vinyl once more. Never use oil on the seat/booth as it will harden the Vinyl.

Patio Furniture:
Patio furniture is made of aluminum and is built to last. But, general cleaning and maintenance is still required.
Over time aluminum loses its shine due to oxidation. Using car or metal wax every few months will help prevent the oxidation process and will keep your patio furniture in good condition.
We recommend covering the furniture with weather proof covers when not in use.

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