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How to choose the best restaurant chairs for your establishment!

Are you in the process of opening a new restaurant or trying to change the look of your current bar? We make finding commercial restaurant chairs easy and affordable! From different seats, frames, colors, and overall appearance, the right dining chair for your business can be found with our wide selection.

When choosing restaurant chairs, we should follow a few basic rules and therefore be as demanding as possible to the comfort of the chairs we choose especially if they are for a restaurant. When we talk about dining chairs, it is of utmost importance that they are extremely comfortable and predispose customers to a longer stay in our establishment. Create a welcoming atmosphere with top-quality commercial seating that seamlessly combine form with function. How to achieve all this ?

We at BESEATING have many years of experience in the chair industry and can give you the best advice on how to choose the chair that is both most suitable and comfortable for your customers.
Our chairs are intended for use in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafeterias and come with several different frame materials.

Indoor or outdoor restaurant furniture

At fine dining establishments, patrons typically appreciate furniture that offers a combination of comfort and sophistication. In al fresco dining spaces, outdoor chairs provide the perfect combination of comfort, style, and weather-resistant durability.

Contemporary design or traditional style restaurant dining chairs ?

When choosing chairs for your restaurant, it's a good idea to first consider the design and style that will be most suitable and fit the interior or existing restaurant furniture you have.

Metal chairs or wood restaurant chairs ?

It can be overwhelming to decide what chairs are right for your restaurant, from choosing restaurant chairs that are made from the right materials to trying to match seating to a restaurant's decor.

Metal restaurant chairs are extremely sturdy and resistant to heavy use. This type of commercial restaurant chairs are easy to maintain and do not require much care. When choosing a metal restaurant chair, it is nice to have at least padded seat. Upholstered restaurant chairs add to the comfort of your customers. With a variety of frame finishes and upholstery options nothing can be easier. Our metal restaurant chairs come in different styles and a wide selection of upholstery and frame finish options.

Wooden chairs are most commonly used in interior. There are mainly two types of wood used in production of commercial seating - Beech and Oak.

Beech wood is the most suitable frame material for heavy use. Solid beech has one of the best qualities among woods - strength, durability, easy to handle and at the same time suitable for staining and varnishing in any colours. Beech is extremely easy to maintain and pleasant to the touch. When choosing solid beech wood chairs you won't go wrong. Commercial dining chairs made from beech wood add warmth and comfort to the interior of any restaurant.

Oak wood is not much different from beech. Extremely sturdy and durable. Oak adds luxury and comfort to any interior. The texture of oak makes it one of the most preferred materials when choosing luxury commercial chairs.

Armchair or dining chair?

The choice is entirely yours and should be put together with your interior design project. When choosing armchairs, it's a good idea to consider all the dimensions. The armrests should be placed at the appropriate height to suit the tables in your restaurant. They should also be comfortable and not placed too low, which will lead to discomfort. Arms require extra space between chairs and while it may seem insignificant it can add up to quite a lot as more chairs are added. On the other hand, chairs with arms are popular with high end restaurants and larger venues for the additional comfort they provide.Upholstered commercial seating. Choose between a solid wood or padded seat to complete the look. Upholstered commercial chairs add a sense of sophistication to your restaurant's atmosphere and comfort.

Our large selection of chairs can also be customized to match your business' brand and interior decor needs.
Choose between upholstered, wood or metal seat options, and make them completely unique by selecting the stain, fabric, or vinyl of your choice.
Our budget-friendly seating options let you be confident in your choice by combining great quality, price, design, and craftsmanship
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