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17:08 | Thu | 07 January 2021

Are you searching for a restaurant chair? Are you tired of looking up “restaurant chairs for sales” and having no clue how to make the most appropriate selection?  Do you desire to find the right commercial chair, the one which not only accommodates your customers but fits your decor perfectly? Choosing the ideal chair for your venue depends on many different factors, and this guide will help you gain an insight into the world of restaurant chairs.

Functionality and Style of Restaurant chairs
When discussing restaurant furniture, chairs are always the most important talking point. Every day, your venue accommodates people of various body dimensions who sit on your chairs. Therefore, functionality and longevity are the fundamentals of a great restaurant chair. You need your chair to be able to withstand heavy use on a daily basis. Many wood chairs and some metal chairs lack sturdiness and may cause you headaches during busy periods of the day. Another important factor to consider is to carefully buy second-hand chairs. People often search for “used restaurant chairs for sale” or “cheap restaurant chairs”, some would even look for restaurant chairs on craigslist. That is not always the best idea as there is no guarantee over the quality of the chair. Used restaurant chairs may arrive with significant wear and tear or even food stains. In order to be certain, it is recommended to avoid buying restaurant furniture second-hand. 
Another aspect of the restaurant chair which cannot be neglected is the style. Unlike restaurant tables which are usually covered, restaurant chairs are always visible which makes them the most crucial element of your venue’s design scheme. Choosing the most suitable seating option can be a difficult process as it determines the tone and atmosphere of the restaurant. It is important that the furniture you select, namely restaurant chairs and restaurant tables, fits the style of your venue. It is important to consider style before making the wrong decision and ending up with a space which appears crowded and monotonous.  In terms of restaurant chair styles, there are 3 major groups – modern, traditional and contemporary restaurant chairs. 

Modern Restaurant chair
The term modern restaurant chair is very broad and is widely used in the restaurant industry. Therefore, it may be difficult to agree on a single definition. However, there are numerous characteristics and design aspects which can be affiliated with the modern restaurant chair.
  • Modernism – modern design refers to an era that is in the past usually featuring earthier elements. Straight lines are also quite typical for a modern restaurant chair.
  • Metal - gold-capped legs and plates, stainless steel and powder coated finishes
  • Minimalism – less is more is a popular concept today. Modern restaurant chair designs take a minimalist approach by avoiding over-the-top colours and getting back to basics accentuating extreme simplicity in the open, clean-lined pattern. 

Traditional Restaurant chair
This restaurant chair style refers to the designs of the Victorian period, elaborate, formal patterns and colours with dark woods, fabrics and intricate details.  The rich mahoganies, maples and cherries used in the construction of the frames give traditional furniture a stately elegance. Traditional wood chairs are usually very durable and are able to withstand heavy use over long periods of time.

Contemporary Restaurant chair
A contemporary chair indicates a chair with simple clean lines combines elements from all eras and styles. The contemporary restaurant chair is made from newer materials such as aluminium and has different forms, colours and patterns. The definition of contemporary is fluid, therefore, it is always evolving. What may be contemporary today could be considered old tomorrow. Our outstanding selection of commercial restaurant furniture includes many traditional and modern options like Curved Cane back Restaurant chair with upholstered seat, Vintage steel frame restaurant chair, Fully Upholstered Restaurant chair with Brass-capped Legs, Contemporary Polypropylene cross-back resin commercial chair,.Solid wood Restaurant Bar Stool Georgia, Contemporary Commercial Brick Red round metal table base.

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