The Importance of a Well-Planned Restaurant Layout

15:16 | Tue | 29 December 2020

The first thing to consider when contemplating the design and layout is to assure, they fit the restaurant theme. The restaurant décor will be significantly different depending on the type of restaurant. Fast food restaurants require fast table turnovers, while fancy dining restaurants rely on customers staying for longer periods. Arranging your restaurant layout properly will have a huge impact on financial operations. Creating an efficient layout will demonstrate the success of your restaurant.

Inviting furniture, wares and décor
Having comfortable chairs and good-sized, appealing tables will be highly effective in inviting consumers and encouraging them to extend their stay and order some desserts or more drinks.
An interesting restaurant design trend you can consider is to offer variety in seating. Include a bar for customers needing a quick bite, tables to accommodate large families or groups, and booths for couples craving a sense of intimacy.
The selection of silverware also reflects on the restaurant and should therefore be considered in the overall restaurant design. If you want to impress customers, avoid cheap silverware and plates that will leave customers with the impression that you are serving low-quality food.
Finally, choosing paintings, table covers, centerpieces, and napkins is important as they will support the theme of your décor. The restaurant industry is incredibly competitive and it can be quite difficult to establish a distinguishing advantage. However, a unique dining environment which considers and satisfies customer preferences and needs can assure you have a restaurant that stands out for all the right reasons.

It is crucial to establish a competitive advantage so that your restaurant can stand out from other venues. In order to capture consumers interest, you must ensure that there are unique aspects in your restaurant. Replicating the décor of a famous establishment will not generate interest and curiosity among the new clientele. It is, therefore, worthwhile working with a talented interior designer, who can help bring your amazing vision for a restaurant to life.

Developing a unique design concept, should not come at the expense of the customers’ comfort. Clients should have the freedom to breathe, instead of being crowded and feeling uncomfortable. You will also need to ensure that your staff has enough room to roam around freely without bothering the guests or creating unwanted accidents. Using our amazing range of comfortable and stylish chairs can provide a relaxing seating solution for your restaurant.

High-Quality Furniture
It is crucial to ensure your restaurant has furniture of the highest quality. Low quality chairs and tables are easily noticeable and will leave a poor impression on your customers. In order to encourage them to take a seat and stay for dessert and extra drinks, provide your customers with excellent seating and adequately-sized, sturdy tables. If you desire to create an inviting restaurant, take a look at these stunning restaurant chairs



Apart from the engagement and the atmosphere, particular attention should be paid to the functionality and ergonomic design of the restaurant. Few basic ideas to take into account:

  • What are the space requirements for your concept?

The spatial arrangement in the restaurant layout should be done in such a way that the front of the restaurant, which includes the Entrance and Reception, Waiting Area, Cashier’s Desk, and Dining Area are well connected to the back end of the restaurant, which includes the Restaurant Kitchen, Pantry, Storage, and Administration Area. The restaurant design should allow the smooth transition of the pantry and storage to the restaurant kitchen. If the storage is too far away from the kitchen, the staff would face unnecessary hassles bringing out the products to the kitchen and lead to delays in the preparation of food. It is advisable that the restaurant kitchen and storage are well separated from the customer seating area and ventilated so that the smell and noise of preparation and cooking does not reach the customers.

  • How many square feet per person?

One of the aspects of a well-planned restaurant layout is the optimized usage of space. The restaurant layout should be designed in such a way that everything, ranging from tables and chairs to restaurant equipment is aligned perfectly allowing enough space for work and movement.
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