Difference between outdoor and indoor furniture

13:49 | Tue | 02 February 2021

What distinguishes outdoor furniture from indoor Restaurant Furniture?

The obvious answer is the material. However, how can the material make a difference between furniture that is designed for indoor use and one that is designed for outdoor use.  The truth is materials such as metal that hold up against various weather conditions are more suitable for outdoor furniture and materials which withstand heavy usage are better choices for outdoors. Usually, patio chairs are made from aluminum which is a lighter metal and not appropriate for the heavy traffic of busy indoor restaurants. Aluminum does not rust which makes it perfect for commercial outdoor chairs and outdoor tables. On the other hand, it may be tempting to use wood chairs and upholstered chairs outside, however it is very unlikely they will be able to absorb moisture or withstand heavy weather conditions.  

In terms of usage outdoor chairs and outdoor tables can be used inside as well. Furniture manufactured for indoors, over the course of longer periods will often fade, lose saturation of color and in the case of wood chairs – disintegrate from regular exposure to sunlight and rain. Outdoor furniture is naturally weather-resistant versatile option for both indoor and outdoor use.


Indoor furniture is more expensive than outdoor furniture. The materials used in wood chairs for indoor use require more work during manufacturing, therefore it is only logical that indoor chairs boast a higher price than outdoor chairs. Physical characteristics aside, as previously mentioned outdoor tables and outdoor chairs are more versatile. Having a lower price as well, in certain cases buying outdoor furniture might be the smarter option. One of our best selling chairs in terms of pricing is the Ladderback chair.


You can immediately distinguish indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Indoor chairs and more specifically wood chairs have more of a “softer,” chic and modern look such as our commercial chair Bernie compared to the highly functional yet simplistic design of their outdoor counterparts.


While we’ve discussed the versatility of indoor furniture, if we were to consider comfort, indoor chairs would have the edge. From the upholstered options to the incredible high-quality wood used in production, indoor chairs are designed to be much more comfortable. Another factor is that indoor chairs are crafted for. Usually sitting on a patio chair or a bench is not as comfortable as seating on an upholstered restaurant chair.


Granted, indoor furniture will last longer than outdoor furniture, however that depends on how you look after and maintain your outdoor chairs and tables. This is where warranties and manuals play an important part. It is important to adhere to the rules provided in those guides as they allow you to prolong the life of your dining chair. Outdoor chairs and outdoor tables will require a higher level of maintenance which is normal considering the conditions and factors they need to withstand.  

Investing in restaurant chairs or outdoor patio chairs is not an easy task, ideally, they’ll be comfortable and sturdy whilst also fitting in with your décor. In order to accomplish this, as the investor or restaurant owner you need to assure the product is maintained properly and is used for its intended purpose. Using indoor furniture such as restaurant chairs outside in the garden, can lead to unwanted damage to the chairs or worse it may cause injuries to the customers. Protecting your investment and your customers needs to be your number one priority when investing in indoor and outdoor furniture.  
Our outstanding selection of commercial restaurant furniture includes many indoor and outdoor options like indoor curved back upholstered solid wood chair Sara AL, Fully Upholstered Dining Armchair Sofia H, or Outdoor Stackable resin side chair with alumunium legs Marvel S, Indoor Metal frame Upholstered restaurant Bar stool Felix B, Outdoor Commercial yellow x-style metal table base PLUS

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