How to select a coffee chair

16:59 | Tue | 01 June 2021

Opening a coffee shop is good away to be introduced to the restaurant industry. It is a good start as it offers good training for new restaurant entrepreneurs before further exploring the intricacies and draining requirements of the restaurant industry.  Starting off your clients with a good cup of coffee is great, however, they will need to sit somewhere and relax. Choosing a great coffee chair can be a challenging task if you don’t consider all the factors in your decision.  What makes a coffee chair great? What makes it amazing? What sets it apart from other chairs? Is it comfort? Design? The answer to these questions is all of the above. Usually, it depends on the type of ambience you wish to create in your café, which would determine whether you need upholstered chairs, wooden chairs or metal chairs. Here at BESeating, we have an extensive collection of traditional and design chairs which would be suitable for coffee houses. Our chairs vary in shape, size and finish to ensure you will have different options when purchasing any of our amazing products.
Ideally, you’d want to have the maximum number of chairs and tables in your café, all the while leaving room for people to breathe and have their own personal space. It is quite unpleasant to be squeezed close together with strangers when all you want is to have a cup of coffee and relax. Another space-related factor is - you need to leave enough room for your staff to be able to move around freely between tables and customers. You need to have a good idea of the floor plan, yet generally speaking 28-31 inches between tables is adequate and you should be fine.
Your customers need to be able to relax in your coffee house. Comfort is not a bonus it is a necessity. You can get a fully upholstered chair with great back support such as this one, to ensure a wonderful experience for your clients. You can also purchase a set of amazing highly comfortable traditional chairs If you wish to create a more elegant atmosphere in your café. The Bentwood Fanback Caffe chair would be a great choice. It has an amazing design, and sturdy structure, it is not heavy, therefore you would be able to move it around freely. Another option is the Crossback P which features a beautifully upholstered seat guaranteeing comfort.
Even though it might be more expensive you need to invest properly in your furniture. Many business owners make that mistake by purchasing their furniture second-hand and very soon after that, they need to invest again to replace the worn-out chairs and tables. Chairs should be sturdy, durable and able to withstand heavy use for many years. Therefore, make sure to check the quality and warranty of the purchased items.  Always think in the long term even if it means spending more. Though, if you’re looking for sturdy chairs at a reasonable price, then look no further. Our collection of wooden chairs will surely provide you with many amazing options.
If you plan on having an outdoor café, you need special weather-resistant chairs which can survive the various climates and won’t be affected by sunlight, the wind or rain. We have great patio chairs perfect for outdoor use, which will not only be affected by the weather but will elevate the ambience of your coffee house with their incredibly stylish design.
You may believe that comfort is the leading factor in choosing a chair for your café, however, as afore-mentioned every aspect counts. Furniture plays a significant role in enhancing or decreasing the interior/exterior design of the venue. The chairs need to be in line with the theme of the café. It wouldn’t be suitable to desire a more classic theme and then purchase a metal chair. Proper consideration of how to combine the chair with the venue’s aesthetic can directly benefit your business. Do not underestimate the importance of having a great décor in your coffee house. It will attract customers, as long as it is done correctly. A beautiful small bistro in Paris for example would benefit from the Crossback Tiara chair while a casual café in Brooklyn would be more suited for the Dixie chair. Always consider the design and ambience, before purchasing.
You need to ensure your furniture can be easily stored in order to save storage space and facilitate the opening and closing process. Check out our collection of stackable chairs which would be perfectly suitable for any outdoor café.

The Selection
Metal Chairs
Metal chairs are usually the highest-selling coffee chairs on the market. Their functionality and design make them a popular choice among coffee shop owners. Metal chairs usually don’t have many customization options, however, what they lack in personalization they more than makeup for it with a beautiful design and solid structure. Our collection of metal chairs would be terrific for any coffee shop as they ensure comfort and will bring amazing style to the venue. Most of our metal chairs would fare greatly in an outdoor environment, however, it is recommended that they are stored indoors to prevent prolonged exposure to rain or sunlight. Metal chairs are versatile and functional making them a great choice for any café.
Metal Chairs

Upholstered Chairs
Upholstered chairs have a very versatile design and bring incredible comfort to customers. Therefore it is no surprise, they are among the most selected chairs for bistros and cafes. Our upholstered chairs are amazing and can be personalized with different fabric and finishes to ensure they match the décor of your venue.  Most of the chairs have a matching upholstered barstool to complete the authentic look. The only downside to upholstered chairs is they are strictly for indoor use. However, if you desire outdoor chairs you can check out our patio chairs page.

Upholstered Chairs

Wooden chairs
Wooden chairs are the most versatile and functional among the seating options.  Wooden chairs are the highest-selling chairs on the market and can be found in any type of commercial venue – from hotels and restaurants to bistros and coffee houses. Wooden chairs bring a certain level of sophistication to the ambience of your venue.  Our amazing collection of wooden chairs is quite extensive and will certainly bring a touch of elegance to your café.  The beautiful wood frame will ensure stability and the expertly crafted seat and back will provide support and comfort to your guests. Each of our traditional chairs has customization options and most of them have a matching wood bar stool to complete the look.

Wooden Chairs

We also have a great selection of barstools if you prefer higher seating options.

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