Preparing your restaurant for Easter

19:30 | Fri | 23 April 2021

Preparing your restaurant for Easter

Easter is a great holiday which personifies spending time with the family and different families have different traditions. Some prefer going out to brunch or dinner if their schedule allows it. Similar to other holidays, restaurants want to take full advantage and prepare well. Today we're offering a guide which demonstrates how to make the most out of this holiday and make sure your venues is prepared for Easter.

Media Tactics

Spreading the message of the holiday and more importantly showcasing what your venue is offering means advertising on all fronts and on social media networks - Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. A good tactic to employ is to post photos of some of the delicious traditional meals you intend to have on your menu, or use a twitter hashtag to draw the focus directly to your business. If you're not an established brand name a good idea is to think about local ads. Many local newspapers and other media outlets will report on local restaurants that've embraced the Easter spirit and have prepared a great menu at an amazing price. This form of advertising is great since you may not even have to pay a dime, simply contact your main local media outlet and ask to be mentioned in the coverage of restaurants with Easter menus.

Provide special surprise for the children

Easter is definitely a very child-friendly holiday and you need to make sure you offer a special treat for the little ones. Perhaps an Easter Egg hunt, if you have a backyard where the kids can entertain themselves and win prizes such as candy and small treats. Easter Coloring pages are also an option which the kids can enjoy. Another idea is to have an educational contest where kids can learn more about the holiday. If you can afford it, hire an Easter Bunny to entertain the children and play games. Creating Easter-themed food such as chocolate eggs, pancakes in funny shapes and cupcakes decorated with Easter elements, is also a great idea. Whatever the idea might be, make sure to focus on it in your marketing material in order to make sure families will know your venue is offering entertainment for children.

Special Decorations

Similar to Christmas, Valentine's day and the 4th of July, Easter is the type of holiday which requires special themed decorations. Starting with Easter baskets they have to be the accent of the decoration, perhaps alongside colourful glasses and table cloths in pink and yellow. If your venue has a more elegant design and you'd prefer a rather classy look, you can buy beautiful vases and fill them with yellow and white flowers to fully capture the spirit of Easter.

Avoid waiting until the last second

It is very important to plan ahead and not risk your customers not knowing you have something special planned for Easter. Organizing an Easter Brunch? Advertise it. Special themed menu for Easter? Advertise it. You need to begin promoting early whether you do that by sending a massive email address or using social media. The timing of your marketing needs to be precise, you must make people aware of why they need to visit your restaurant this Easter. Whatever the event or special preparation, make sure your clients are informed and are making reservations before it is too late. Be thorough with your promotion and as specific as possible. Don't leave it by simply mentioning your restaurant and the planned celebration. Provide images and detailed information regarding the theme, the decorations, and the entertainment, and everything that needs to be in your social media posts. Ensuring families know your venue will provide comfort, special themed amazing food and entertainment guarantees your restaurant will be the talking point this holiday.

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) will celebrate Easter

The NRA has announced its plan to celebrate Easter this year with special precautions taken in places where the lockdown restriction due to the pandemic are still in place. Therefore you need to prepare your restaurant and ensure your guests will have a great holiday meal.

Prepare Your Plan

Since many restaurants were taken aback last year due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19. This year businesses need to refresh things and offer something unique and great. Relying on the same old routine tactics and methods is not gonna suffice this time. People have high expectations after missing last year's celebrations, therefore businesses must come up with a brand new strategy. Make sure anything you prepare matches your budget and focus on attempting to make a memorable impression on your customers.

The Menu

We don't have to mention that whatever you plan, the emphasis is always going to be on the menu. Traditional Easter dishes such as ham, and mashed potatoes need to be included in your food list. Make sure to prepare something creative, design your own Easter menu with various colours, and invent new Easter-themed dishes and starters. Consider offering an Easter buffet, like most diners would, as that is one of the most popular dining options during this holiday.


Prepare your marketing campaign beforehand. No time like the present. As afore-mentioned social media needs to be included in your promotion. Targeted e-mails to your loyal customers are always a good option, however, make sure the message is clear and concise. Social media posts have to be consistent and inform your clients about the event and its offerings. Consider running an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram, if you can fit it into your budget. Include your staff in the promotions, your kitchen staff can post a live video while they are preparing the dinner menu. Showing your staff having fun is always gonna make your customers feel closer to your business. If you get more creative you can make a branded hashtag or even a product which is gonna be trending on your social media channels, just make sure to say all rights reserved.


Try an Easter Brunch Buffet

Easter dinner is the most important dish on this day, however, do not underestimate the Easter brunch buffet. This way through the Easter brunch buffer you can offer classic dishes such as ham, lamb, and mashed potatoes but also offer popular brunch foods.

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