Family-Style Restaurant - how to select the right chairs ?

01:30 | Tue | 03 January 2023

Selecting the Right Restaurant Chairs for a Family-Style Restaurant

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In a family-style restaurant where families, friends, colleagues, and other groups go to dine and bond over meals in a setting that encourages closeness and conversations, you can be sure they will be there for hours.

So, in addition to leaving a good first impression with your chairs, you must try to maintain that impression by ensuring your chairs provide adequate comfort. Also, considering the traffic that characterizes family-style restaurants, durability is another important feature.


Durability is an essential feature to look out for when choosing a chair for your family-style restaurant. Family-style restaurants are prone to traffic and bustle, especially in the evenings and on weekends. So, you need chairs sturdy enough to withstand the traffic, and can be easily cleaned in case of spillage, while still maintaining an excellent appearance.


People meet at family-style restaurants to have a good time as family, friends, or acquaintances. So, they are in no rush to leave. When picking out your chairs, you must ensure they are comfortable enough for people to sit on for a long time without getting back pains or feeling any other form of inconvenience.


Every restaurant should have an overall concept. While family-style restaurants are generally categorized as casual, you can still build the aesthetics of your restaurant around it.

Many restaurateurs have found ways to seamlessly infuse traditional furniture in a modern restaurant setting, so you don’t have to feel limited when styling your restaurant. Traditional chairs with rich wood tones might be perfect for a country-side theme. Be free to explore, but understand that your chairs (color, design, and aesthetic) must be in tune and reflect your restaurant’s concept.


The size of your restaurant chairs is also essential because you can’t have your customers feeling stuffy and bumping into each other. This can make you lose customers, as many people don’t enjoy dining in overcrowded spaces.

So, you should carefully pick the type and size of chair that fits in your restaurant space. For instance, you may have to go for side chairs instead of armchairs to adequately manage your space. However, in any case, don't sacrifice comfort and functionality.


Regarding the right seating style for your family-style restaurant, you don’t have to restrict your options to portable chairs. You can opt for anchored booths. This is because there are perks that come with having an anchored booth in your family-style restaurant. If you have the space, it doesn’t have to be either; it can be both.

Choosing portable chairs for a family-style restaurant means that when perhaps a large family or a group of colleagues come to dine together, and there isn’t enough space, they can easily move chairs from other areas to where their group decides to dine. It is also the better option if you have limited space.

However, a reason why anchored booths are preferable is that they are cozy and offers privacy. So, if a family wants a private time away from the bustle of the restaurant, they may prefer booths.

Both seating styles have their pros and cons, so it’s all left to your choice.

Best Family-Style Restaurant Chairs

Wood Chairs

Wood chairs are one of the most accommodating chairs. Their various designs can be found in different restaurant types. Also, wood chairs are tough, resilient and can remain in good shape even when put to usage that could cause wear and tear in other types of chairs (made with different materials).

It is very much easy to clean off spills in a wood chair, leaving the chair as good as new.

Metal Chairs

Another category of durable chairs includes metal chairs. As the name suggests most of the chairs' material consists of metal, which could be aluminum or steel. Metal chairs are durable and can also double as outdoor chairs. They are resistant to the activities that characterize family-style restaurants.

However, while metal chairs can rival wood chairs in sturdiness, wood chairs are warmer and naturally appealing than metal chairs.

Note that, because upholstered chairs didn’t make it to the list doesn’t mean they don’t belong to a family-style restaurant. Although you can use them in your restaurant, they are not durable like wood and metal chairs; pretty much why they didn’t make the list.


There are various factors that make a restaurant appealing, and the chairs play a vital role. Carefully choose your family-style restaurant and you're sure good to go.




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