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16:12 | Wed | 16 June 2021

With warm weather just around the corner, it is time to upgrade your patio furniture.

Your garden probably needs remodelling and more importantly refurnishing. And if it doesn’t? It is always refreshing to purchase new furniture in your backyard. What better item to begin with than a comfortable and stylish garden chair? Our collection of garden chairs will allow you to relax in the sun or by the pool. Here are our favourite seating options for this summer!
1. Stackable Fame-K Garden Chair
Garden Chair Fame-K
Commercial grade stacking resin armchair. The Fame-K armchair is suitable for restaurants, cafes and other dining venues

2.  Eden S Patio Chair
Eden S Patio Chair
Made from commercial grade polypropylene. The Resin Eden-S patio chair is suitable for parks, pools, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

3. Joy-K Open-Back Resin Dining Arm Chair

Joy-K Dining Chair
The resin dining armchair Joy-K is made from recyclable polypropylene, it has a resin seat with sturdy aluminium legs. Great for heavy use. 

4. Joy-S Soft Upholstered Resin Restaurant Chair
Garden Chair Joy-S
The upholstered resin restaurant chair Joy-S is made from commercial grade polypropylene, it has an upholstered seat with sturdy aluminium legs.

5. Karea Aluminum Restaurant Armchair 
Karea Restaurant Arm-chair
The Karea arm chair has a resin seat and back made from polypropylene resistant to UV rays with anodized aluminum frame.

6. Mambo Resin Patio Chair
Mambo Resin Patio Chair

Stackable monobloc armchair. It is produced with a technology of injection molding in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene. Ergonomic shape which fits in any environment. 

7.  Marvel S Resin Garden Chair
Garden Chair Marvel S 
This Marvel-S chair is Anti UV stabilized. It is suitable for outdoor usage in cafes and restaurants.

8. Opera Modern Patio Chair
Opera Modern Patio Chair
The Opera-S is a stackable chair with base from glass fibre reinforced with polypropylene and polycarbonate back.

9. Polycarbonate Opal Wox Pro Garden Chair
Opal Wox Pro Garden Chair

A new member of the Opal range! Natural, warm, contemporary. The organic softness of the glassfibre polypropylene shell in mat colours offers a new way of looking and feeling.

10.  X-Treme-S ProSoft Patio Chair

X-Treme ProSoft Patio Chair
The organic softness of the glassfibre polypropylene shell in mat colours offers a new way of looking and feeling. Designed with public spaces in mind and suitable both for home and contract usages.

A brand collection of garden chairs which would suit the style of your outdoor space. Our outdoor furniture provides comfortable seating for you and your family. Our furniture comes at a great price with many customizable options such as material and colour. Our outdoor chairs will add a touch of beauty and refreshing design to your home garden. BESeating has a wide array of metal chairs which would be perfect for any search related outdoor furniture. Whether you wish to purchase for yourself or a third party, we have amazing items from table and table bases to this elegant lounge chair. BESeating has will guarantee your patio furniture has a beautiful design and incredible comfort.
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